One Shopping List

where's my shopping list? now, always with me.

My first real mobile app, build with Sencha Touch 2 (HTML5), Coldfusion as the backend.

When I got my first iPhone, there where many shopping list apps in AppStore, but no one fulfilled me needs, so I decide to build such kind of app for myself. It’s not finished, but it’s working and I have been using it daily for a couple of months before move to London. But when my life in new place become more regular or when I back home I start to use it once again. It simply do what It should. The app unlike others shopping list apps doesn’t let me create many shopping list. It has only one ongoing list through which I can control what I have to buy during the next visit in the grocery shop. That’s all, simple does what I expected. However, before make it public, there is a lot of space for improvement and iteration according to layout and usability. If you are interested in next iteration follow the  Shopperhino  project