I’m a designer, less a front-end and more less a back-end developer. But firstly designer.

All projects presented on this webpage was made by me from the start to the end and that means I’m not true expert in any of the fields, but that’s reality. That’s me ;).

As regards coding, I’m not an engineer or even a programmer, I like to call myself a user of frameworks.

As regards design, I’m not an artist or even a pro, I’m a self-taught craftsman.

For years I had been involved in the Flash platform, but now I’m completely devoted to HTML5 (JavaScript / jQuery, CSS / SASS, LESS).

Since the beginning of the year I’m an ardent fan of Drupal.

Attention! You have to know, that I’m not: “a Ninja coder”, “a Super Star programer”, “a designer Guru”, “exceptionally or top talented”, “superb” or even “an Expert in anything”. I’m simply a guy who tries to realize ideas.


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